Sound Curtain Office System

With the Sound Curtain Office System, separate rooms and workspaces can be created with the push of a button. This system can be used to create conference islands, quiet zones, think tanks, separated work areas and more by isolating sound. With variations in number of fabric layers and therefore sound transmission levels, in addition to a range of fabric designs and colors - the possibilities are endless! Choose from 3, 5 or 7 layers of Gerriets sound absorbing fabric. Our Innovasia Acoustic representatives can help you select the perfect outer fabric for your Sound Curtain Office System:

Acoustically Transparent Fabrics
Gerriets Sound Absorbing Curtains

Trumpf 95 Track System

To complete the system, the sound curtain office is used in conjunction with the Trumpf 95 office track system. The track can be operated manually or automatically. Its elegant design, small profile and smooth operation make the track system easy to implement in any office space. Continuous loop systems, remote control and integration into third-party automation systems are also possible.


Interior Acoustics Brochure (PDF)


3 Layer Sound Curtain
5 Layer Sound Curtain
7 Layer Sound Curtain
Base Color