Innovasia is the distributor of Dymetrol® in Asia.

100% Polyester
208 cm (82")
DY-C100 - 589 g / m
DY-C125 - 609 g / m
DY-C150 - 653 g / m
DY-C200 - 726 g / m

Suspension fabric for automobile, airline, and contract seating

4% maximum (will not sag ever)
Tensile Strength
DY-C100 - ASTM D 5034 Warp: 210.0 lbs / 95.3 kgs, Fill: 50.0 lbs / 22.7 kgs
DY-C125 - ASTM D 5034 Warp: 200.0 lbs / 95.3 kgs, Fill: 60.0 lbs / 27.2 kgs
DY-C150 - ASTM D 5034 Warp: 200.0 lbs / 95.3 kgs, Fill: 80.0 lbs / 36.3 kgs
DY-C200 - ASTM D 5034 Warp: 200.0 lbs / 95.3 kgs, Fill: 100.0 lbs / 45.4 kgs
Elongation @ Break (%)
ASTM D 5035 Warp: 16 min., Fill: 50 min.
  • A fabric suspension system made in the USA to replace springs, wires, clips, insulators and decking
  • An ergonomic, economic and ecologic suspension system for all types of seating applications
  • Elastomeric Monofilament Yarn, Polyester Spun Yarn and Thermally Bonded

Dymetrol<sup>®</sup> Fibers
Dymetrol Fibers®


Dymetrol® is a fabric that works like a spring, reducing foam used in seats. This unique seating suspension system is comfortable, lightweight and durable. Dymetrol® has design flexibility, with no creep issues. It is 100% woven polyester available in four styles, from soft to extra firm. Dymetrol® is easy to install, saving installation time and costs.

Dymetrol® and foam compositions can be combined with one another and attached to the seat construction as one single unit. The use of Dymetrol® alone – without additional foam – is also possible. In all cases, Dymetrol® reduces the need to utilize a range of foams, springs and wires etc. in the construction of a seat, because it takes on the function of these elements.

An added advantage is the reduction in weight which accompanies this.

Dymetrol® facilitates cost reductions due to savings made on unnecessary components and simplified processing in comparison to conventional seat constructions. All of this effectively means an increase in productivity.

Dymetrol® is recyclable, and can be treated to become flame-retardant. It is possible to use this textile to construct comfortable, quiet seating structures without accompanying noises such as creaking or groaning. Thus this is the material of the future for the production of support spring systems for innovative seating solutions.

  • Reduced weight for a finished seat
  • 3-4 % maximum creep which means it will not sag
  • Flame Retarded Finish can be added
  • Can be stretched or relaxed to meet “H” point* requirements
  • Comfort, Durability and Performance
  • Allows for thin profile design
  • Quick attachment to frame either mechanically or by hand
  • Improved productivity in the plant
  • Reduction of inventory requirements
*”H” point means the mechanically hinged hip point of a manikin which simulates the actual pivot center of the human torso and thigh.


    Dymetrol - C100
    Dymetrol - C125
    Dymetrol - C150
    Dymetrol - C200