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Environmental Sustainability

In the textile industry today, sustainability is not only a preference, it’s a requirement. At Innovasia, we recognize the importance of environmental responsibility in all we do. We seek to minimize any negative effect our business has on the environment by constantly improving our core processes and practices. Our business operations are guided by these principles of environmental stewardship.


Innovasia utilizes best practices in reducing internal waste and energy consumption including a paper core recycling program and a memo sample return program. We also use oxo-biodegradable plastic bags for packaging our fabric rolls. Additionally, approximately 80% of Innovasia's work force utilize public transportation to commute, and all of our offices utilize shared vehicles for sales calls and deliveries. Innovasia chooses suppliers that are environmentally accountable and offer sustainably-produced high-quality textiles. We look for Oeko-Tex® certified manufacturers that share our desire to reduce our environmental footprint.


Innovasia is proud to create and design products from recycled material with Reduced Environmental Impact (REI). Many Innovasia fabrics are made from renewable sources including wool and mohair, and the company offers recycling opportunities for non renewable polyester fabrics. Many of our fabrics contribute to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) points. Since 2000, Innovasia has been a pioneer in developing Asia-made contract textiles from recycled PET bottle polyester and recycled polyester shoe liner scrap fabrics. Innovasia’s product team searches constantly for innovative environmental products to introduce in Asia. We were the first to import recycled polyester contract fabrics from North America to Asia in 1995. Since 2000, we have carried the largest in-stock PET bottle recycled polyester contract line in Asia and we continue to be a forerunner in innovative, sustainable textile solutions including recycled polyester acoustical wallcoverings. While we have made a considerable effort to improve the green rating of our production and development, we continue to strive to become a more environmentally friendly and sustainable company.