Talisman Textiles

The right textile can create the right mood. Give expression to your creative charm with our new Talisman Collection. We are pleased to present Talisman, a collection of assorted textiles with a wide range of applications, aimed for the hospitality industry. Talisman brings the tangible elements of design to the forefront, making textiles the star of any space. Let Talisman inspire you to go bold and push limits.  

This competitively priced collection is ever-changing, adapting to both seasons and latest design trends, ensuring there will always be a fabric (or many!) to meet your vision. Talisman is set to become a designer’s best resource for design-forward, budget-friendly textiles that deliver in both function and form.  

The collection is categorized based on suggested use, from upholstery to drapery to decorative applications. Most of the fabrics are tested for compliance to ACT standards and we can conduct further testing on any fabric, upon request.  

Talisman is a brand of Innovasia, Inc. Please contact your Innovasia representative to hear how we can help achieve your design goals by staying within your budget.

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